What's NEW in Web Design Trends for 2023

Are you ready to create a stunning website design that stands out from the crowd? Whether you're revamping your existing site or starting from scratch, it pays to stay up-to-date on the latest web design trends. We at Uniweb, deliver a website with a perfect blend of design & graphics that will help your potential audience to stay on the webpage.


Bold Typography

Using big fonts and eye-catching typography is a trend that’s currently sweeping the web design world. This type of design choice offers an enticing visual element as well as a powerful emotional connection with your audience. That’s because these dramatic fonts grab attention and can even evoke a specific sentiment – think bold, cheerful comic characters to invoke joy or high-impact sans serif fonts to convey style and sophistication.


Glitched Visuals and Colors

Glitched visuals and colors can be an effective way to add a unique touch to your website design. Using glitch-style techniques such as purposefully distorted shapes, unexpected color variations, layering of image elements, and asymmetric compositions generally results in a one-of-a-kind look that’s sure to captivate users.


Vertical Navigation Menus

Vertical navigation menus are becoming increasingly popular as users and developers alike seek ways to better utilize the vertical space on websites. By scrolling down a page instead of to the side, more content can be stuffed into every screen resolution while still ensuring an easy-to-use responsive interface. Additionally, vertical menus open up plenty of room for creative exploration in terms of layout and design—try introducing bold fonts and custom icons to make your menus truly stand out.


Responsive Animation Effects

Responsive animations are becoming increasingly popular for 2023 web design as a way to add interesting visual elements to a page. Though animations can always be used sparingly and tastefully, their purpose doesn’t have to be purely aesthetic - they can also be used to inform users of interactions or motions.


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